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High-performance ceramics for foundry technology? We can.

High-performance ceramics for foundry technology is one of our specialities. We draw on decades of experience, always paired with innovative ideas from KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH. Foundries have never faced more challenges than they do these days – global competition is on the rise, as is the pressure to cut costs. And all that, of course, under consistently high-quality standards. We can offer you solutions. The mainstays of our ceramic products are technical competence – also for customer-specific requirements – and outstanding quality. But we can do even more.

What advantages do our technical ceramics offer?

  • Best durability
  • Long service life
  • Attractive cost-effectiveness
  • Huge versatility
  • Made in Germany

What do we offer? High-quality ceramic components

  • For demanding production processes
  • Made of superior materials
  • Tailored to your individual requirements
  • Complete in-house production – from powder production to the finished component

Technical ceramics at the highest level

Components made of technical ceramics must be consistent and reliable in order to guarantee consistently pure melts and the quality of the castings. Long-term cost-effective process management must also be ensured. Our high-performance ceramics impress with a unique combination of thermal and physical properties. Are you looking for a really special solution? KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH is naturally also your answer for products made to customer requirements. We use different ceramic materials according to the area of application, and these are individually tailored to the relevant requirements – both for the aluminum processing industry and for other applications in foundry technology.

Riser tubes
Sprue nozzles

Our materials for high-performance ceramic in the foundry technology

In StarCeram AT we have an ideal material for high-performance ceramics in the foundry industry.

Aluminum titanate (ATi / Al2TiO5)

  • Low wettability with non-ferrous metal melts
  • Ideal for the production of riser tubes and nozzles
  • Superior service life due to outstanding thermal shock and corrosion behaviour

The material StarCeram N 7000 offers real added value for the high demands of foundry technology.

Silicon nitride

  • Excellent mechanical and thermal properties
  • Consistently good results in the casting process
  • Long service life
  • Resistant to melting of non-ferrous metal melts
  • No contamination of melts

Contact Person

If you are interested, you are welcome to consult:

Sonja Küspert
Senior Sales Manager
T +49 9287 807-617
M +49 160 90723123

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