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Kyocera presents new StarCeram® MultiShade Zirconium Blanks for different indications

Kyocera Fineceramics Precision GmbH in Selb fulfill all prerequisites for a precise, accurate fit and natural looking ceramic dental prosthesis with high economic benefits.

The innovative StarCeram® Z MultiShade zirconium blanks from Kyocera Fineceramics Precision GmbH enable a particularly efficient workflow, as the natural-looking colour gradient means that additional colour application is no longer necessary in further processing. Zircon blanks have high strength and low thermal conductivity. Kyocera’s research department and internal quality management check every step of the blank production process, so that the blanks are manufactured with the highest degree of precision and provide perfectly fitting dentures. The maximum deviation in height is only 200 μm, so pre-milling of the front side is not necessary. Another advantage is the high biocompatibility of the restoration. That is why the new StarCeram® Z MultiShade Zirconium blanks are suitable both for patients with very high esthetic demands and patients who prefer metal-free dentures.
Exceptional naturalness
The shades of the StarCeram® Z MultiShade Zirconium Blanks simulate a natural shade gradient from cervical (tooth neck) to incisal (tooth edge), meeting the highest demands for a natural appearance of the restoration. The launch of the new aesthetic colours for dental dentures is carried out in cooperation with dental laboratories and dentists in dental practices.

Zirconium Dental Blank

StarCeram® Z MultiShade blanks are available in two flexural strengths (MPa):

Tabelle_Z-Nature Ultra Blanks

The indications for the new blanks are varied, ranging from crowns, copings and bridges to onlays and inlays, veneers and 3-unit bridges in the anterior and posterior regions. With Z-Nature Ultra MultiShade, even up to 16-unit bridges are possible, making universal use of this zirconium achievable. The zircon blanks can be used for up to 10 years. Due to double pressing, high edge stability is achieved with up to 15 percent more restorations per blank. This offers an additional economic advantage.
100 percent made in Germany Kyocera Precision GmbH in Selb has been producing metal-free blanks made of zirconium oxide ZrO2 for the dental CAD/CAM industry since 2007. Many years of experience in production ensure the highest quality blanks. This includes the double Single CIP® pressing process with uniaxial pressing (top and bottom side) and isostatic pressing (simultaneously from all sides). The Single CIP® brand may only be used for dental blanks from Kyocera and deliver outstanding milling properties.
Kyocera blanks comply with ISO 13485, in consideration of DIN ISO 14001 (environment) and DIN ISO 50001 (energy).

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