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StarCeram materials. The high-tech materials of the future.

Our high-performance StarCeram ceramic materials are materials for the future. High-performance ceramics is the term given to inorganic ceramic materials with a unique combination of mechanical and thermal properties. Their primary use is in applications where other materials are pushed to their limits. Compared with steel and other conventional materials, StarCeram high-performance ceramics offers a huge range of benefits: low-density, extreme hardness and strength and outstanding thermal shock resistance. The non-metallic high-tech material is ideal for applications requiring high temperature resistance and protection against wear and corrosion. What can you be sure of? Absolute reliability. With components from our engineering ceramics, you can also count on longer lifetimes and long-term, cost-effective process management.

Our speciality? Ceramic powders, semi-finished products and finished products, all according to customer specific requirements. Of course, the inimitable quality of StarCeram ceramic materials is what makes them so impressive. Take a look at the possibilities that our ceramics offer you.

StarCeram S
StarCeram Si
Silicon carbide (SiC)

StarCeram N
Silicon nitride (Si3N4)

StarCeram Z
StarCeram Z-AI
Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)

StarCeram A
Aluminum oxide (AI2O3)

StarCeram AT
Aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5)

Other Materials

Our ceramic materials spreadsheet – StarCeram in detail

StarCeramS (SSiC)Si (SiSiC)Z (ZrO2)Z-AI (ZrO2)AT (AI2TiO5)A (AI2O3 – 99,7%)N 7000
N 3000 (Si3N4)N 8000 (Si3N4)N Grade E (Si3N4)
Density [g/cm3]3,133,056,056,003,353,903,223,233,233,90
Bending strength*** RT [MPa]375300 > 1200 > 1.10040 / 253008009001.050700
Weibull modulus RT [-] > 15 > 10 > 10 > 1040 > 10 25 > 15 > 15 > 15
Fracture toughness** [MPa√m]3,03,610103 – 54,76,76,56,08,5
Hardness (HV 10) [GPa]2520121252015 >151514,0
Elastic modulus (RT) [GPa]39538021021015 / 10380300300310340
Thermal conductivity (RT) [W/mK]125200221,42520252545
Thermal expansion coefficient (RT-1000 °C) [x10-6 K-1]4,54,010,810,81,67,83,43,43,46,0
Specific electrical resistivity at RT [Ωm]10410-2 108 bis 101310 bis 1013101410121011 bis 10121011 bis 10121011 bis 101210-4
Thermal shock coefficient R1 [K]1801902803501.500 / 2.00080620670760280
Maximum usage temperature [°C]1.6001.3508008001.0001.5001.0001.2001.200900

* porosity <= 10 %
** ICL method
*** 4-point-bending 40/20 mm