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News and fairs

Up-to-date information about Kyocera Fineceramics Precision GmbH and high-performance ceramics – here you will find news and trade fair dates. Keep in touch about what moves us in the think tank for technical ceramics.

Fair dates


Fradulent E-Mail Activities

Dear Valued Customers and Visitors, We obtained information that fraudulent email activities are currently taking place, in which sender pretends to be a company of Kyocera Group. The sender sends e-mails to random recipients by using our company data. Such Business email compromise (“BEC”) is one of the most financially damaging online crimes. These emails attempt to make email receivers transfer money to a fraudulent bank account and might include questions about outstanding / open invoice with KYOCERA and apparent changes of notification payment process. Please note that no personal data was disclosed by KYOCERA and pay special attention to BEC. Please be especially careful with points below when you receive any emails which suddenly, urgently instruct you to transfer money to an unusual account. This includes particularly the following signs of fraud: Unfamiliar Sender Unmatch Sender and "Reply To" addresses Email contents which you don't feel right If you…
1. October 2021

Fine Ceramics in Space

Kyocera, one of the leading ceramic manufacturers, presents its products relevant to aerospace and astronomy applications at Space Tech Expo 2019 in Bremen from November 19th-21st.
21. October 2019