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Kyocera provides a comprehensive product range of drawing tools for the wire industry.

Selb – Germany. Immediately after entering the market for wire drawing tools, Kyocera Fineceramics Precision GmbH is the first major supplier offering the wire drawing tools in both common yellow and white ceramics. Both variations are made of MgO-stabilized zirconia.

Furthermore, the German based technical ceramics company supplies its components with different types of surfaces for various applications.
Soft metals like platinum or gold and thin wires tend to stick to the wire drawing tool, causing vibration and consequently leading to the wire breaking. Ultimately this leads to downtime and unnecessary work for the machine operative.
On the other hand, some wires, like nickel-coated wires are exceptionally hard, causing heavy wear on the drawing tools.

To meet these special requirements, it is possible to add special treatments to the wire drawing tools. There is the possibility to give a mirror like polishing to the contact area of the wire on the ceramics. This reduces the friction but also increases the slip. However, it can improve the performance of some special drawing processes significantly. Another process is the tempering of the ceramics after grinding. This reduces the microscopic damage of the ground surface and helps to increase the lifetime of the tools. This process is possible for single rings and wire drawing cones.
Kyocera can offer these surface options in place of the standard grade for both their white and yellow zirconia.

For further consultation and customized solutions, our two experts Dieter Mangold and Egon Horn are glad to support you with their excellent experience in technical ceramics and the wire drawing industry.