Ceramic components made to customer requirement

Application: Components made to the requirements of customers whose application profile makes the use of ceramic necessary.

Material: StarCeram S, StarCeram Si, StarCeram N, StarCeram Z, StarCeram Al

Base material: Silicon nitride (Si3N4), Silicon carbide (SSiC), silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide (SiSiC), aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5), aluminum oxide (Al2O3), zirconium oxide (ZrO2)

Sector: Semiconductor industry, aviation and aerospace, metrology, mechanical and plant engineering, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, foundry technology, medical technology, processing industry

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  • High-temperature resistant
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Electrically insulating or electrically conductive
  • Good heat conductor or heat insulator
  • Good tribological properties
  • Low weight

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