StarCeram S alpha-SiC powder

Application: Production of ceramic components and special applications (e.g. additive in resin systems, coating technology)

Material: StarCeram S

Base material: Silicon carbide (SiC)

Sector: Processing industry

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StarCeram S Ready-to-PressPowder (RTP)

Product typeDescription Typical D50 value
Grade RQResin based RTP powder for excellent green machining 70
Grade SQPVA/PEG based RTP powder for green machining and dry pressing 62
Grade HQLike SQ, but smaller tolerance in granule distribution60
Grade HQ-FLike HQ, but smaller granule sizes for highest strenght27

Typical attainable density: > 3,1 g / cm3
Specific surface raw material (BET): About 15 m2 / g
Packaging Unit: 40 kg in barrels

StarCeram S Raw Ceramic Powder

Product typeTypical D50 valueBET [m2/g] Green density [g/m3]
Grade UF 52,24 – 61,7 – 1,9
Grade UF 100,99 – 111,65 – 1,8
Grade UF 150,7514 – 161,6 – 1,8
Grade UF 250,6523 – 261,5 – 1,7

Packaging unit: 25 kg

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